Finally a wedding website…of sorts.

We were engaged on 1.11.11

And yet we have only today started a site, well, that isn’t totally true. Jake started a wedding website on Valentines Day as a special surprise for me. And it was special, really really special. It had a bunch of pictures of us, a sweet story and one of our favorite songs attached to it. The problem is, I can be very particular about certain things (really? really.) and I wanted more of a blog type site, so that I could update on my own. 

So, today we decided to do this instead. This is a place where we can keep our guests updated as our wedding plans progress, and a place for our guests to find information pertinent to their travel plans. This will also be a place for us to talk to YOU about the 80 days leading up to our BIG DAY!

80 days? Yikes. We still have so many things to do. A few things to look for in the coming days…

 A short list of recommended hotels in Seattle and Bellevue, with group rates.

 Detailed plans for the wedding weekend. 

There you have it. Day 1 of the new site. 




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