Le Engagement

As you all know by now, we were engaged while on a trip to Paris in January. On our last day of the trip Jake and I took the train out to Versailles, it was January 11, 2011, cold and rainy. After touring the main palace we took the long walk out to Marie-Antoinette’s Estate and the Queen’s Hamlet. The rain has stopped, but it was still cold and muddy…we had been walking all over Paris for 5 days and we were beat. Especially me, since I was wearing heels the whole trip, wanting of course to be fashionable in Paris!! Halfway through the walk we stopped for hot spiced wine, THANK YOU to the French, how brilliant. Jake was intent on touring all the grounds so we trudged on…I now know that he was waiting to reach the Temple of Love, at which point he dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife. There wasn’t anyone around to take pictures, so here is the best we took of ourselves.

Post engagement…Jake’s glasses a little foggy from the tears.

Temple of Love…I bet he had butterflies as we approached

Temple of Love.

Me waiting…tired and cold, but on my best behavior, just in case this was ‘the moment’

AND IT WAS!! Sealed with a kiss.

Jake was feeling pretty good!!



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