It has been hard for us to decide on a hotel to recommend to our guests. For those of you traveling here from Illinois, Wisconsin or California, we want you to not only be at our wedding but to have some fun in the city that we love, Seattle. Here is the tricky part, our wedding and reception will be in Bellevue (10 miles from Seattle). While Bellevue is great and has plenty of fun things to do…Seattle is still the main attraction.

Because we care about you getting to and from our wedding site with safety and ease we have decided to post up in Bellevue. I have a good lead on a really good group rate at the Bellevue Hilton. The hotel offers a shuttle around Bellevue, which would include the Meydenbauer Bay Yacht Club (wedding/reception venue) and has an Avis in the building if any of you want to rent a car for a day trip around the city. Currently the group rate is $109 a night, but I think I can get it down even further…so stand by a few more days while I get this confirmed.

For those of you interested in staying in Seattle, I will have some hotels for you to choose from as well. I think I can also get a good rate at the Seattle Hilton (we have a family friend with connections, yay!) and Jake is working a lead at the Inn at The Market. If you do plan to stay in Seattle, you could always take a cab to and from Bellevue for the wedding.

Jake and I will be staying at the Bellevue Hilton from Friday-Sunday of wedding weekend. We would love to run into you in the lobby!


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