All in a day off’s work…


Today was a very full day! It’s Monday so Jake has the day off and it seems these days off are now filled with wedding planning and organizing. I love it though!

We have finalized our wedding invitation and now we just need to crank them out, it will take us the next week to get it all done and I hope to have them all in the mail prior to September 1st.

Today we also created our signature drink for the wedding … The Jardina.


Jake did a lot today, from yard work…

To cooking us a nice dinner…

Sunny was with me in the office while Jake was cooking, in his older years he is more sensitive to sounds. He doesn’t want to be anywhere near the kitchen when there is any sizzling going on. Poor little guy.

Tomorrow I will be posting the link to the group rate at Hilton and sending it out to you out of towners…hopefully you can book your hotel early and get the good rate.





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