I’m the new Temp.

Sometimes planning a wedding feels like a job.

I must have BS’d my way through the interview process, because I am not qualified for this new job as wedding planner. Did anyone check my references? Call to verify my qualifications? Is my degree legit??

This job will only last another 42 days, a temporary position.

I’ve spent the last hour working on the WEDDING SPREADSHEET…I mean seriously, a spreadsheet for a wedding?? I know it seems crazy…but how else are we brides or temps suppose to keep all this data organized? From head count, to addresses, to thank you notes, response cards, gifts, seating charts, shower lists…it’s ALL in the spreadsheet.

A copy of the spreadsheet is of course in THE BINDER..as a temp it is vital to keep THE BINDER with me at all times. I never know when I will need to match a color swatch, refer to the hotel information, or remind a vendor (dad) on how the tables will be set up…all charts and diagrams are held in the notebook. Along with contracts, stationary, registry data, itineraries, photos and more…

Another vital component in this temp’s arsenal is the hanging chalkboard with a master TO-DO list. Of course everything on the chalkboard can be found in THE BINDER but I have found that if Jake opens THE BINDER his eyes glaze over and he starts babbling. A master list on the wall, in chalk, is most important to keep us both on track.

Lastly we have the 60 day wall calendar. It is dry erase and the last day is Oct 22nd, our wedding day…here we mark down all appointments and deadlines. Of course any temp worth her wage (what, I’m not getting paid??) has all appointments and deadlines in her Day Planner as well.

Well, I best be on my way. I don’t want my boss to think I am slacking off.

the temp


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