HH’s in the ‘004 for the OOT’s

For those of you coming IN from OUT of town for the wedding…98004 is the downtown Bellevue zip code. Jake and I decided we would hit 1 Happy Hour each week until wedding week. If we think it is a good choice for our OOT’s (Out Of Towner’s) we will post about it.

Last week we went to El Gaucho and this outing was courtesy of my future MIL. Lynnea gave us a gift card for El Gaucho awhile back and we finally got around to using and were we GLAD we did. It was awesome!! Not only was Sir Mix A-lot filming his reality show pilot while we were there…but the food was delicious! We were 10 mins past Happy Hour time, but we sat in the bar and ordered off the bar menu. Everything we ordered is on the HH menu.


We split the 410 Burger, and Gaucho Fries. El Gaucho is a high end Steakhouse, so needless to say, they nailed the burger. I can’t remember ever having a juicier or more flavorful burger, it was really well seasoned and cooked to perfection! This is the type of burger that is embarrassing to take a bite out of it was so tall, it would have been more polite to use a fork. We split it and it was a perfect dinner. I believe the burger is a 1/2lb, so plenty to share with fries and we also split a salad. We each had a glass of red wine and were out the door at $50. Yes…a little spendy for Happy Hour…but we didn’t get the HH price, so during the hours of 2-6pm the total would have been $35.

I only had the camera phone...doesn't do this justice.

El Gaucho is about 4 blocks from the Bellevue Hilton.

Thanks again to the MIL…she also gave us movie passes, so the same night we went to a movie. What a treat!

(as you can tell, proper wedding planning is all about the acronyms)


One response

  1. As I am sitting here explaining this blog post title to my mother, it occurs to me that this title is best read OUT LOUD! Enunciate each letter!

    For those of you who still don’t get it… Happy Hour’s in the zip code (98004) for the Out of Towners. “H.H.’s in the ‘0-0-4 for the O.O.T.’s”

    Plan on going to one with us!

    Jake via Lynn’s email.

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