How My Honey Likes To Relax

Today Dina, Sunny, & I spent the day running wedding errands. We started the day at the Maydenbauer Bay Yacht Club. We rendezvoused with my Mom (Lynn), Dina’s Dad (Bob), and our wedding photographer (Kelly). Today we walked through the club and envisioned the setting. It was awesome.

After we left the club Dina, Sunny, and I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed for West Seattle. It was time to check our P.O. Box (our new favorite pastime – again…it makes everyday feel like Christmas. See earlier blog post).

After the family outing in West Seattle, we stopped at the grocery store for some dinner items. Once we got home, Sunny and I decided to unwind on the couch and watch some Monday Night Football.

Meanwhile, the forever-creative-wife-to-be walked into the kitchen, tied on an apron and announced to Sunny and I, “Guys I think I’m going to unwind and make a soup.” Here are a few pictures of my Honey Bunny unwinding in the kitchen.

Tonight’s menu: Turkey Pumpkin Chili



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