Final day of double digits

10 days until wedding day!

Everyone told me ‘it will be here before you know it’ and I thought they were the crazy ones. Now I realize I am the crazy one. Feels like just yesterday Jake and I were in Paris getting engaged. I am ready to go back. Yesterday I bought a tres chic new pair of shoes and thought to myself, these would be perfect Paris shoes. Then I remembered that we don’t have any plans to go back…but I wish we did!! I will continue to plan out the perfect Paris outfits in my head. It is a nice break from wedding details.

Speaking of which…what should I work on today? Seating chart. Order of events. Favors.

We did already pick up our marriage license…so technically, we are ready to get married at a moments notice. It’s not too late to elope.

Just kidding!! We would never elope this late in the game…

Have a good day all you love bugs. XOXO


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