The spark that started it all

‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are made the same’

~Emily Bronte

Yesterday I found myself in the neighborhood that started it all…got us to where we are today…8 days from our wedding day! On December 8, 2008 I met* Jake at the Mount Baker Community Center. Genesis had rented it for their 1 year anniversary party. I had one of those moments when our eyes locked, the flash of light, the energy surging on my heart. I knew something special was happening.

I asked my dad that night if Jake was single and his response was ‘oh yeah, Jake is single’ and I said ‘not after tonight he isn’t’.

While it did take a few weeks to get off the ground…we have been going strong ever since.  Jake was wearing a tuxedo that night and 1 week from tomorrow he will be wearing a tuxedo again.


*technically we had met once before, ever so briefly at a bowling alley in West Seattle for another Genesis party. It was a 3 minute interaction.


3 responses

  1. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog- Dina -you and I haven’t met- but the boy loves you and you love the boy- that I get. Sorry I can’t make the wedding because with all your crafting ways and for sure -the two peeps doing the deed- your wedding day will be fantastic! love to you both- Aunt Katy (stalking from Wisconsin)

    • Aunt Katy
      I LOVE that you are reading this. We will miss you at the wedding, but plan to see (and meet) you for sure next time we get out to Chicago and the Mid-West. I have been hearing about all this Wisconsin cheese and beer..must have some. 🙂
      Be well and thanks for the note.

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