Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our engagement. Jake popped the question while we were touring the palace of Versailles. We took the train from Paris, walked all throughout the palace and then a couple miles of the grounds.
Serioulsy, a couple of miles.
The palace grounds were beautiful and romantic but also really cold and a little soggy from the earlier rains. In an effort to be as chic as a Parisian I was wearing a dress and heels, needless to say I was freezing.
We were both freezing and tired but it was all worth while when Jake dropped to his knee and ask me to marry him.
Oh happy day!!

By the time we got out of Versailles and back towards the train station we really needed a hot drink and a snack.
There were 2 options, Starbucks or McDonalds. Since we hit the Starbucks on the way in, we went to Le McDonalds. It’s become one of our favorite memories of the trip…toasting to our engagement in the McCafe.

Today we toasted with a couple more McLattes, naturally.

Thanks for asking me to marry you, honey.
I love this life we are living together.


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