date night :: bastille

We love to find reasons to celebrate and our engagement anniversary was no exception. As much as we love celebrating, we love happy hour prices even more, especially with Hama Hama oysters for $1.00 each! So we choose Bastille.

(not night owls anymore)

As we were getting ready to leave I excused myself to the ladies room. The waiter came by to drop off the bill..this is the conversation relayed to me when I returned.
Waiter: ‘so where are you guys from, what are you doing in Seattle?’
Jake: ‘we live here, and actually, I am from Ballard’
Waiter: ‘with all the maps and photo taking…I just thought…maybe you were tourists’
Jake: ‘nope, my wife is a blog nerd and she likes to document everything. AND, it’s the 1 year anniversary of our engagement in Paris, so she brought in some of the maps and memorabilia for us to reminisce over’
Waiter: ‘hmmmm, okay’

We decided we might need alter egos. So from here on out, if anyone asks, we are jingle writers from Sequim.


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