snow days

King5 News calls the storm WINTER EXTREME and while it was WINTER EXTREME in many areas around the Sound…at our house in Seattle it was more of a WINTER WONDERLAND.
I have friends in Olympia, Sammamish, Issaquah and maybe Snoqualmie Ridge without power. I wish they could come to my house where it’s cozy and warm. Around the region there are about 250,000 people without power and they say it could be days before the power comes back on. Yikes…thankfully it is warming up, the temperatures are finally above freezing, and the skies are currently dry.
The thaw out begins now.

Jake left for work at 5:45 this morning, these guys at Pike Place Fish are a hearty crew. Working outside all day when it is 27 degrees and the snow is coming down can be uncomfortable…but they do it and they do it with a smile.

A few photos:

Snow day survival includes wine and chili.

Aunt Judy sent me this picture of the darling snowman she made.

Blogging maybe?

I love the snow, but I’ve had it pretty easy. I’m sorry for those folks that haven’t.


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