hearts a flutter

Valentines day is just around the corner.

I love hearts and I love Valentines day. I know a lot of people are on this track of
Feb 14th is so commercial, blah blah, I don’t need Hallmark telling me what day to express my love, blah blah, giving someone chocolate doesn’t mean you love them. blah blah blah.’
To that I say: why doesn’t it? 

Our friend Charlie said last week ‘know your heart and share it’.
I love this. My heart loves hearts, so I’m going to share them.

Jake and I are newlyweds, so life in our house is pretty sappy and gooey already, but I can always take a reminder to share more love with friends, family and strangers.
Over the coming 2 weeks, I will share heart projects here.

Today is simply a couple photos from our trip to Paris last year.

In a gallery window…
There is a bridge covered with locks, hundreds of them…

Until later…xoxo


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