a date with gratitude

For the past couple of Monday’s, Jake and I have been dating.
We set a start time (4:00), pick a location (Starbucks) and set an end time (6:30).
We bring our favorite pens, boxes of stationary, the wedding spreadsheet and stamps.
We fuel ourselves with coffee and sweet treats (oatmeal cookies, rice crispy squares)
and we start to give thanks.

We have been married for 6 glorious months now, it’s been newlywed bliss, relaxing and easy…except for the little monkey on our back of  ‘thank you notes’. The thought of writing out all those notes had me paralyzed, it was totally overwhelming and I couldn’t face it. It wasn’t that we were not grateful for everything given to us, of course we were! It was the opposite, we are so grateful to all our friends and loved ones, that I wanted to do something really special and creative! I wanted to finish this wedding off on the same creative and personal note we carried throughout. From the save the date cards, to the wedding invitations, to the ceremony and reception we put all of ourselves into everything we did.

Knowing that standard wedding etiquette gives us 1 year to complete our thank you notes, didn’t help. I am a natural born procrastinator, I don’t like to strike until the iron is hot and the creative impulse hits me. That being said, I also can’t stand to have something looming over me and sucking my energy. I think I have been creatively drained the past 6 months, and I didn’t want to admit it, but the well was dry.

So, Jake and I decided to take the bull by the horns, ditch the feeling of not being creative enough and more important, ditch the guilt of not sending thanks. We went back to the basics, the Thank You Note.

Gratitude Dates

We had a great time on our dates, we divided up the spreadsheet, not picking sides of who writes to whom…we just dove in! It was so fun to do this together and feed off each, remember our special guests, offer advise to each other on how to phrase something or spell a word. I can’t believe I fretted over this for so long, it was energizing to write notes to all these people we love so much!

What would our lives be like if we had a date with gratitude every week, if we simply sat down for an hour and wrote love notes? I bet pretty awesome.



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