Shrimp baby BLT

Last night we upleveled the BLT, adding baby shrimp!!

Pretty basic BLT ingredients.
I did mash some avocado with Tapatio, pepperoncini’s and mayo for an extra kick.
Shrimp Baby BLT’s make a hubby happy.


2 responses

  1. This is so awesome. When we were in Key West, we ate shrimp BLTs with key west mustard (I think it was a lime flavored mustard). We actually bought the mustard, but, long story, we had to have it shipped to us and haven’t gotten it yet. As soon as we get it, though, we are making shrimp BLTs!!! We have been dreaming of them since we got back. These look so good too! Kinda want to eat one right now! I might have to do a taste-off.

  2. Oh my YUM. And what I would give for a swig of Jake’s nice, cool beer along with it. Ahhh. Love living vicariously through you and your stomachs. 🙂

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