{I’m catching up on some fun things that happened in May}

“A genuine anteater”
The pet man told my dad.
Turned out, it was an aunt eater,
And now my uncle’s mad!
…Shel Silverstein, A Light in the Attic

I know what you’re thinking,
‘Aunt Cheryl? Who is this young lady and how can she be your AUNT?’
Let me break it down.
My darling husband comes from a couple of BIG families.
His dad is the oldest of 8 kids, his Uncle Joe is the youngest of those 8 kids, making Uncle Joe only about 10 years older than Jake.
Joe is married to Cheryl, one of the many {sooo many} beloved aunts & uncles.
Since I married Jake, all of his aunts and uncles (and cousins, sisters, grandmothers) are now mine too!

Cheryl and Joe were in town for our wedding back in October, but besides from actual wedding functions, we didn’t really see them.
That weekend was a blur and then we took off for our mini-moon.

So, it was a real treat when we learned that Cheryl would be in town attending the Geriatric Medicine Conference, she extended her stay for the weekend and this time around we had 2 days to show Aunt Cheryl a good time. Unfortunately, Uncle JJ wasn’t able to come with…and he was missed.

A proper trip to Seattle should always start with flying fish, am I right?

{click to see the details of this photo}
Cheryl was a pro catching and tossing the fish! I was not a pro trying to capture it, those fish fly fast, and unless you have the camera set up just right…the camera won’t catch it. The fish guys were awesome and let us do a 2nd catch so I could try again with the camera. My best photos turned out of Cheryl tossing the fish back OUT to the crowd. The whole thing was fun and if Cheryl is ever looking for a career change, she would make a great fishmonger!
Cheryl and I hung out at Pike Place Market, shopping and walking and gabbing while waiting for Jake to finish up. We then had a wonderful dinner at Seatown in the market. One of Tom Douglas’s more casual spots, which is perfect for a fishmonger after a long Saturday shift…cold beer, oysters, clams and crab!
We all relaxed into that booth very easily.
The next morning we packed a small picnic lunch, and took Cheryl on one of our favorite hikes. The weather was perfect, warm dry air, and clear blue skies.
And the hike was done, phew! Great time, but we worked up an appetite…
we went home for a NW backyard BBQ and feast!

And this is just about where the story ends, we were outside until the darkness and chill moved us in and then stayed up probably a little too late, talking and soaking in the last of the weekend. Jake took Cheryl to the airport the next morning and she was winging her way back to Chicago.
We love you Aunt Cheryl, thank you so much for visiting, thank you for everything!
We missed Uncle Joe in everything we did, and hopefully next time you can both make the trip.

We love visitors…who’s next??


5 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing! Wish I was there… time will definitely make the trip! Much love to both of you for being such great company my beloved wife! Love you both and look forward to seeing you both soon!

  2. What a great weekend. I am so jealous. That food has my mouth watering. Love you guys and thinking of you both. I will be looking for training workshop out in your neighborhood so that I can visit too.

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