I am a mom

It’s been SO long since I’ve made a blog post, don’t know why that is, but ever since I got pregnant I lost my luster for blogging. Maybe it’s going to come back, maybe not. Stay tuned. I did heart+love+soup again this year and blogged for a month, it was exhausting.

We had a baby!! Henry Irmiter Jardine was born on February 7th, 2013 and he weighed 7lbs 13 oz and was 20.5 inches tall. He has since doubled in size, not in length, but in weight.
He is a hunk of burning love.

Today is my first mothers day. I am a mom. Funny how it feels so normal.
This time last year I was just a person walking around in a normal body, then I morphed into a person that was making another person (from scratch) in my body, I did this for 40 weeks…then like magic I had a baby in my arms.

The past few weeks I’ve had something on my mind. From time to time I see friends or friends of friends post their beautiful birth photos on Facebook. You know the ones, the teeny tiny baby is swaddled up all tight, still red in the face, probably just hours old. Mom and or Dad in the background looking slightly disheveled and tired but glowing with joy. When I saw a photo like this a month ago I thought (no joke) ‘where is my photo like that, did I misplace it?’ but then I remembered we didn’t get this photo. Our little guy had some complications at birth and was rushed into the NICU for extra support. We didn’t post any pictures on Facebook or share photos until we were home and he was well in the clear. We weren’t ready to share his newborn photo when he was in the hospital and hooked up to all the machines. At the time we wanted only positive thoughts and love sent in our direction and were afraid that people would see his photo and go to the dark side.

henry day 1


So, we didn’t have one of those precious hospital photos, but now looking back I realize our hospital photos are just as precious because he is our Henry. Our handsome boy who is so strong. He had a tough time for a bit there but he rallied and came through the experience without any complications. Henry is calm and has been from day one. He doesn’t over react, and when he was having trouble in the beginning I think this is one of the reasons he survived so well. He stayed calm and let everyone help him. He leaned into the assistance until he could do it on his own. Henry is bright and curious and funny. Amazing that we already know so much of this little persons character at only 3 months.

I didn’t hold Henry until the day after he was born, neither of us did. Like I said, I have a few things on my mind, a little bit of sadness that is in my heart that I want to let go, that will be my next blog post. I am going to share his birth story.

For today I just want to say how much I love my Henry, I love being his mom. It feels so surprisingly normal. Everyday is mothers day, that sounds cliche, but I am really beginning to believe it. I also think this is the hardest job I have ever had, and my new boss can be very demanding. I am on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is motherhood. He peed on me yesterday and I didn’t change my shirt for about 4 hours. I am a mom now. A little pee shirt never made me so happy.

Now that I see Jake and how he is with our son, I love him even more than I did before. I look forward to Fathers day so we can celebrate him. Although I celebrate Jake all the time and tell people what a great dad he is. We were in the trenches together and it made us stronger. I love my husband.

We made this boy. From scratch. Magic.


3 responses

  1. Yes, what a powerful sharing, thank you for this, Dina!
    FYI: Did you see the ad at the end of this entry. So intriguing, vitamin water out to make everything boring: brilliant, starting with this delayed airplane flight, lots of folks, a psychedelic light show with a singer…I wonder what algorithm brought this ad to this page???

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world! Great post. I didn’t know that Henry had complications, and I’m sorry to hear about that. He is so beautiful, though. You guys really did make magic. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Lots of love from me!

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