a babies shower

Our dear friend Ellen is having not just one baby, but two babies. Twins, and it is doubly exciting. On Saturday her mother in law and sister in law threw a beautiful shower full of love, laughter, good food, great friends and a very creative project.

All of the guests decorated personalized onesies for the babies, aren’t they cute??

Two great friends and 3 babies on board.

Sara won the shower game prize!
It’s always a treat to be with the ladies. LOVE.


toast a marshmallow

For Christmas my brother in law, Wade, made Jake the COOLEST.GIFT.EVER.

These are fire pit pokers, marshmallow toasters or weenie roasters.
Wade made them from old golf clubs and they are amazing.
We put them to use yesterday, roasting marshmallows at our bonfire.

If you are in the market for a set of these, let me know…I will broker a deal with Wade.


Mexican Hot Chocolate

It’s another snow day in Seattle.
This is a Mexican Hot Chocolate kind of a day.
(a favorite to warm the hearts of friends and loved ones)

I think these hard blocks of grainy chocolate intimidate people…but don’t let it.
This rich and cinnamon-y hot chocolate is super simple to make.


2 packages or blocks of Ibarra (Abuelita)
1.5 quarts of non-fat milk
Chop up the blocks of chocolate, melt the chocolate over medium heat stirring often.
It will not melt down like a typical chocolate chip, it will be very grainy, not smooth.
Set chocolate aside.
Warm up a little of the milk (1/2 quart) and add the melted glob of chocolate.
Once this is all incorporated you can add the rest of the milk.
Warm the hot chocolate slowly and don’t let it boil, be sure to keep stirring.
Add ( heart shaped) marshmallows…enjoy. So luscious and delicious.